Friday, 26 October 2012


Whats up... my name is Jay Smith and I lift out of physique fitness gym in a small place called droitwich. Gym is in the process of upgrading but its got everything we need to get strong. If it doesn't have it, I/we chip in to get it.

I am 21 and compete IPF, but who knows what the future holds. I've competed GBPF for a few years and lately BDFPA, may make my way into different feds over time and maybe even geared lifting and lets say errmmm... pharmaceuticals but for now im a drug free raw dawg building my base day to day and putting in the ground work.

My best lifts in competition are a 220kg squat, 142.5kg bench and a 240kg deadlift. My best gym lifts thus far, are a 232.5kg squat, 145kg bench and a 255kg deadlift. Yep... far from earth shattering but enough to be considered strong in my gym... Oh the irony haha, if only that was good enough.

this is my youtube channel:

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