Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ramblings + extra info

So today after my first day I am quite sore. Hamstrings/glutes and adductors, seem to be the main culprits. I've upped my calorific intake alot, and cleaned up alot of my carbs throughout the day and saving the dirty stuff for post workout and recovery alongside a litre of chocolate milk (extra 900 calories a carton!)

I think if I make it through this first week I will be fine. Im quite up for tommorows 5 x 7 @ 155kg though but friday/saturdays squats may be a different story and I have a horrible feeling sunday wont be a fun day to be alive. I'll be training friday night with the boys and then I'll probably go straight home, eat, sleep and back to the gym in the morning. Haven't made my mind up yet, but thinking about it now, I'd hope I could almost bypass the DOMS by training in quick succession, it just will my saturday heaviest workout of the week be effected by this. I guess its another thing I will have to experience and either adapt or change and keep you all posted!

I work a manual labour job too at the moment through neccesity more than anything, if thats any interest to anybody reading, but im sure as hell it could make a difference to somebodies decision in running this programme. I'd like to also add in I am a drug free and tested lifter so im far from an eastern bloc superhuman.

Some of you may also be thinking, why have you jumped straight in onto the base cycle with no prep or the introductory phase. Well my friends, I did alot of reading pre meet about the whole programme and read some good reviews, watched every youtube video I could find, and read several training logs. The best write up I come across was from another IPF lifter who's best squat was about 250kilo's. Nothing Impressive by world standards but its sure as hell higher than mine for now and he wrote in a comical sort of 70's big twist and you could tell this dude had been around the block a few times and knew what he was talking about. I'll take experience over book smart any day. He went into the ins and outs and his main reasoning he said was simply because you are going to hurt regardless of whch stage you jump in on and the base cycle is tried and tested. Its basically 'the nuts' of all squat programmes and is deceptively simple in its own right. This made alot of sense to me, however he did mention the advanced phase of the programme is not worth it, which I plan to challenge if my base cycle goes well.

I'll see if I still have the link saved on my other computer and get it in here at some point.

I'll update tommorow with obviously my session and a vid. Probably be some other ramblings thursday as I shit my pants in anticipation of fri/sat squats being in even more pain than I am now.

Only 11 more sessions to go.

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