Sunday, 28 October 2012

So.. plans

well... this last week I've been Ill twice, got an abbreviated squat session in to say the least and a very sub par bench session. The only problem with training for meets is the down time leading upto and following the meet! almost added up to 4-5 weeks and I dont like it at all. I haven't really looked past christmas but I imagine my next meet will be a tune up one, and then the BDFPA nationals later on in the year, usually march/april time, where I will be seeking retribution and ironically will be my last as a Junior! Scary shit

I've been toying with the idea's of the russians and to be honest I dont know why, I just dont want to go back to WS style training or 5/3/1, so maybe it is finally time to try something new in my training.

So tommorow I will be starting up the smolov base cycle. I will see how it goes and decide on running the whole thing or moving into sheiko or whatever, but I havent thought that far ahead to be honest. I am just thinking of the impending pain I am going to feel in my legs the next 28 days(21 training- max later following week). I may even try and run it twice before xmas if I can as I would love to end the year with a massive squat PR.

I will try and get video's of every session and definitely keep this upto date with bodyweight recordings and feelings as the days tick on. Will try and keep a very detailed log for future reference and anybody thinking of trying it, but im definitely going to put 100% into it.

My before stats are as follows:

BW: dont actually know, will record tommorow to start off the madness
Squat 1RM: 215kg at last meet.

I will be basing my numbers off of 205 though to make sure I make it through.

Tommorow is 4x9 @ 142.5kg... wish me luck, im off to buy some new shorts and stack up on chocolate milk.

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