Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another thoughts and ramblings...

So, I've been doing some thinking and to be honest I cant see how two more sessions will really make any difference and obviously being a 3 lift PL'er I want to crack on with my other lifts, so I've decided I will either max tomorrow or saturday morning obviously depending on how I feel.

I think its getting the extra work in this week (benches/deads) thats really fired me up to pursue those too. I benched 140 with a pause on monday, and my best in comp is 142.5 and I plan to transition to sumo deadlift anyway but havent done it in weeks, possibly 2-3 months and pulled a 7.5kg easy PR (comp best 240 conventional) so things are looking rosey. Just got to see how I've responded for these squats now, and I know maxing without rest may not be a true representation but I want to crack on with sheiko next to really fire my numbers up because lets be honest, they are very sub par for my bodyweight, especially now im sitting around 114-115kg's.

So smolov does definitely work on the BW front! Im pretty confident of a big squat to be honest hence these thoughts and after how I felt wednesday. Just smashed out the 5x7 with relative ease and weights are moving alot smoother, faster and for more reps than before.

One thing Smolov has definitely done for me though, which is the main reason im happy I have done it is bringing back almost a sense of achievement I seemed to have lost. I remember making my best gains when I was first training 20 rep squat programmes, a russian peaking cycle etc and grinding through workouts thinking, god damn, if I survive one set it will be an achievement, and smolov definitely brought those feelings back. More so, I have literally earned a PR/progress and I think thats very important and another reason I want to move onto sheiko. The volume is supposed to be horrible and I want to work HARD for my PR's so they mean that much more and I want them that much more. Training conjugate/WS is great going nuts and maxing on certain things and getting a varied range of training in but it either works well or it doesn't and thats the beauty of it, obviously finding things that carryover to you and get those PR's. Im at a point in my training though where I want to get through these programmes knowing there will be PR's waiting at the end, regardless of wether they are 2.5-5kg's or 25kg's, and not being left in any doubt of wether I worked hard enough or picked the right ME exercises, rep schemes, peaked correctly and at the right time etc.

I've also been training pretty much solo so I'm going to need a spot around and I dont feel overtrained so Im thinking why the hell not. Lets see what happens anyway! Will post tomorrow evening with the result, and if not tomorrow, will be saturday


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