Monday, 5 November 2012

Onto week 2!!!

tonight began the second week of my descent into a bigger coffin hopefully going to be x shaped to help fit my massive aching legs... no, I felt wonderful tonight. Amazing how much you appreciate a days rest after squatting twice in something like 36 hours.

5 mins elliptical
agile 8

Squat (no surprises here by now)
bar x lots x 3
60 x 8
100 x 3
140 x 1
152.5 x 9
152.5 x 9
152.5 x 9
152.5 x 9


As it suggests in my vid description my first set was really easy and bombed through the reps but some were sloppy and I used the whippy bar in our gym so it threw me out of my thunk a tad on the 4th rep I believe it is. I slowed them down, and treated them all like singles in the following 3 sets and was solid as hell. Felt ridiculously good, think the repetition is really paying off.

Once again I just want to mention I spent 9 hours out in the cold, cutting down hedges and wheelbarrowing shit around all day and I am still making this programme work DRUG FREE, id also like to add in at this point, I weighed in today at bang on 18 stone/252lbs... 5/6lb weight gain in week 1 which I would like to attribute to cleaner carbs (oats) and some chocolate milk every day.

only the eastern bloc boys drugged up to their eye balls can make this programme work. HMMMMMM, I beg to differ my friends. Once you pull the wool from over your eyes, set a goal in your mind and get after it, everything else falls into place. I hope I dont eat my words here, but I think im going to make it work, and benefit hugely. Wed: 5x7 @ 165kg... going to be another nasty one.

heres my chubby little self squatting tonight, shit angle but hey ho, at least its proof and accountability. (another reason this blog and vids have locked me in on my goal, dont want to look an absolute penis by failing)

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