Today I checked my alternative feds calendar as I want to return and it turns out there is a local meet (about 30 mins drive from me) on february 3rd which is ideal time to also qualify for the IPF british classic that year too which after seeing the success of it last year and not being a participant I felt quite left out! Some awesome lifting went on that day and any chance to get your foot in the door for a selection for the euro's/worlds etc is worth it even if its just getting my name out there, You never know all the bigger stronger boys could get injured and I get sent by default ha!

Anyway, its 12 weeks today so it leaves me with 11 training weeks.

I am going to run sheiko for the 1st time after being pretty much inspired by smolov and I think if I take it just as seriously I will make just as good gains, I generally hate training any less than 4 days a week because lets be honest, we all do it because we love it and I feel my best and happiest when im training, but I will make the sacrifice in the name of returns!

Going to go with the generic run of sheiko 29>37>32(usually 12 weeks of training but I am going to modify for 11). 29/37 (8 weeks) are ascending in volume and 32 is a peaking cycle. I am going to not do week 2 of it though however because it is the week with the most total volume/lifts of the monthly plan, so I will simply just do week 1, 'skills evaluation' where I will aim to set 5lb PR's and then move straight into week 3, week 4 which both taper down in total lifts to the final week of the meet, stopping training on the wed.

I am totally alien to this style of training and have a very basic understanding, so it should be interesting to see how it pans out, I just like to put things into detail incase anyone reading can use the info! wether its a risk or not, fails or goes really well its what its all about! Pretty sure I'd still qualify with opening lifts anyway with the junior totals so even if it doesnt work (which im sure wont be the case) I still have plenty of time to get strong again for the nationals/classic.

enough talking. Back to work tommorow. Any questions feel free to ask.