Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Smolov base cycle, week 2- day 2

Today: trained AM

5 mins elliptical 
agile 8
more stretching (very tight today)

60 x 10 x 3
100 x5
140 x 1
165 x 7
165 x 7
165 x 7
165 x 7
165 x 7

External rotation band work
Curls/pressdowns (bands)
more foam rolling, gave my whole body a good go over today.

Today I had alot more time as im off work so I gave my body a good recovery type stimulus with the flushing of the elbows/forearms, and some rotator work, hopefully it aids with the wrist/forearm pain associated with the low bar squat and getting god damn tight for squats every other day on this routine. (should do it every session I know.)

As for the squats they still feel pretty solid, especially the first/second reps. First set I seem to be always working out where to carry the bar though and lock it in from there (as you can see in vid, bar too low again). Im still loosing my elbows a tad in the higher rep ranges/towards the end of the set but my its no where near as bad as it was, and I feel in a good groove so I am pleased with how things are progressing. Day off tommorow obviously and then onto the Friday night/saturday morning hype again. I am in a morbid way looking forward to it. 6 sessions to go, and 4 after those two that will soon arrive.

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