Friday, 2 November 2012

Smolov base - week 1, day 3

Tonights session called for 7 sets of 5 @ 165kg

5 mins elliptical
agile 8

bar x lots
60 x 10
100 x 5
140 x 1
165 x 5 x 7

Not going to lie, tonight felt abismal, the weights are moving fine and I got through this one quite quickly, Im a big fan of 5's and 3's in my training anyway but obviously accumlating fatigue from previous days is catching up, 1st set I was literally all over the place as you will see in the vid. Technically the worst set of squats ive done in some time, just hoping I can get it dialled in tommorow with lower reps! Wrists and forearms are taking a real beating. Got to be back in that god forsaken rack in 15 hours time because im working afterwards. Be nice to get through and conclude week 1 though.

One thing I have held off on is stimulants, caffiene/pre workouts etc and tommorow I think im going to have to introduce them just to numb some pain and get me focused. My setup is really suffering because of my wrists. Theres nothing I can think of to combat it either. Anybody has any comments/answers shoot 'em my way. Untill then im off to eat some pizza and drink chocolate milk and dream of more squats!

When you're going through hell... keep going!

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